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Do I need a License to fish off the beach?

Yes you need a license, unless you are a Florida Resident over the age of 65. You must have a valid Florida Driver license. All other questions regarding licenses please go to www.

Where can I fish for free?

Naples and Fort Myers beach Pier

What is biting?

That depends on the tides and the year. There are over 25 different species of fish you can catch mainly using shrimp.

New to the area where do I fish?

If you are fishing from a boat there are tons of places. If you cannot fish from a boat try fishing bridges, docks, piers, beaches and passes.

Is it better to use frozen bait or live bait?

Live bait is the way to go if you can keep the bait alive. Using a aerator, or a bucket made to go into the water. Frozen bait works really well too.

What is the best time to fish?

That depends on the tides. As long as the water is moving you are good. For example, when your tide chart says it is high tide at 4:35 PM, that means you should fish up to that time. A half an hour before and after is a good rule to go by.

Do we sell gift certificates?

Yes we do sell gift certificate

Do we offer fishing charters or head boats and what is the difference?

Yes, we do offer charters. All of our charters are private charters. That means you have the boat and the captain to yourself. We do not join charters. As for head boats, we do not offer that service. There are some in Naples and Fort Myers. Please give us a couple days notice when you would like to go because during season the charters get booked really easy.

What is our refund policy?

We only do exchange's and store credit.

Do we repair Rods and Reels?

Yes we repair rods. We repair the tip of the rod in the store. All other guides will be sent out to a custom rod builder. Those usually take a couple of days. We do not repair reels.

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